Create-A-Club Contest Winner

Interview with Tim Batzinger

Written by Chris Creighton - Originally published on 4/20/21 at Short Corners Long Prose

Last month, American Futbol Provisions had Soccer Banditz, Mockup FC and ourselves team up to bring a contest to the New England area. Thus, the Create-A-Club Contest was born. We had some great designs come through to be judged upon. There was a Gorham, Maine entry by one of the New England Revolution’s biggest fan in the UK. We had an entry for a nautically-inspired team in Portsmouth. So many great entries and we finally came down to a man whose twitter is @messymeatboy. I caught up to him a week or so ago and finally transcribed the answers. Let’s get to know Tim Batzinger and his love for design a little bit more!

What are your favorite soccer teams?
  • I seem to have a favorite team in every country haha But the ones I follow most closely are Manchester United, New England Revolution, and Werder Bremen
Where did the inspiration for your logo come from?
  • I basically researched New England and it’s states and major cities to look for inspiration. I almost submitted a second design for Providence but couldn’t decide between Divine or Renaissance for the name and I loved the name Olde Towne Wanderers so I ran with that. As for the logo, the colors come from the flag of Boston, the circle is from the seal on the flag, and I have a thing for logos with interlocking letters and I really liked how O, T, and W worked together.
Create-A-Club Contest winner Olde Towne Wanderers FC decal.
Tim Batzinger’s design for the Create-A-Club Contest, now a decal sold at American Futbol Provisions
Was designing always a hobby or was it work first, then became a hobby?
  • Designing started as a hobby a loooong time ago. I would doodle sports logos and uniforms in my notebooks in school and even created teams and leagues when I was younger. All that eventually led to going to college for Graphic Design to pursue my passion as a career.
What do you think of the kits made by Mockup FC?
  • I’ve actually been following Mockup FC for a while and am a fan of their work. I was very pleased when I saw the kits for OTWFC. I’m a big fan of kits that balance traditional and modern design and these hit the nail on the head
Where do the Revolution end up this year?
  • I have a lot of confidence in the Revs this year, but I, as any Revs fan, will be cautiously optimistic. We’ve come so close so many times, it’s easier emotionally to set expectations low (Boy, is that the truth?!) Haha That said, playoffs definitely, then anything can happen. I’ll leave it at that.
Buksa looks happy about Tim’s positive outlook. Credit: Revolution Communications
You’re a Rebel, what do you enjoy most about being a part of the Rebellion?
  • I love the community of being part of a supporters group. The Rebellion especially have a strong bond and passion for the Revs, but also each other. It really feels like a family. I’ve also had the opportunity to design the merchandise and membership packages the last couple of years, as well as a few tifos, so it’s been a really rewarding experience
Uncool Designs does some phenomenal work. When did you get that off the ground?
  • I appreciate the kind words. I just try to do the best I can and always am trying to improve. I started Uncool Designs a few years ago but didn’t really focus on it that much until the beginning of 2020. It started as a way for me to get more practice and present my work to the public and hopefully turn that into paid work. It’s been incredibly beneficial for me and I’ve noticed a clear progression in the quality of my work as time has gone on and I’m really proud of that.
And when are you designing the Revolution rebrand? 😉
  • I’m just waiting on the Revs to give me a call. Haha. I’ve received a lot praise and positive feedback on my recent Revs rebrand concepts so…(What he’s saying is, Brian Bilello, here’s his portfolio)

The Team Here At Short Corners Long Prose Give Praise

The Short Corners 3 decided together that Olde Towne Wanderers FC would be the winner of the Create-A-Club Contest, we voted as a singular entity since we were so sure. Tim was the clear winner when asking all of us. The color scheme and overall logo creation was so aesthetically pleasing. Check out @uncooldesigns at Instagram, I promise you’ll enjoy his work too.